Since 1949, the Puerto Rico Urology Association has been geared towards elevating the standards of our field by all means available.


As president, it is an honor to continue orienting both our fellow members as well as the growing patient population on the benefits of visiting our website.


As members, we will continue to receive links to the most recent articles related to the latest developments of our field.  It will double as a schedule, providing dates and details related to all of our events every year.  The objective is to maximize our time pointing directly to information that is both updated as well as relevant to our specialty.


Our patients can relate to us in a much more familiar way as they strengthen their certainty that year after year we intensify our efforts to expand our knowledge in order to offer them state of the art urology.


In addition, our directory conveniently offers them the opportunity to contact the specialist of their preference.


It is my most fervent wish that this useful instrument will serve the purpose for which it has been designed: promoting the growth and development of the urology practice through exhaustive study.


Cordially yours,


Roberto Vázquez Ramos, MD