The Puerto Rico Urological Association (PRUA) was founded September 2, 1949 by seven urologists:  Dr. Luis A. Sanjurjo, Dr. Alberto Mejía Casals, Dr. Estéban García Cabrera, Dr. José Ferrer, Dr. Pablo Curbelo, Dr. Julio Colón, and Dr. Manuel Alsina Capó. Dr. Estéban García Cabrera was elected to be the first President and Dr. Luis A. Sanjurjo the first Secretary.

Dr. Charles Higgins, Chief of Urology at the Cleveland Clinic, member of the American Board of Urology, former president of the American Urological Association (AUA), and former president of The American College of Surgeons was instrumental in the founding of the PRUA.  In July 1949, Dr. Charles Higgins visited Puerto Rico to direct a postgraduate course held by the Puerto Rico Medical Association.  During his visit, he met with his former resident Dr. Alberto Mejía Casals and Dr. Luis A. Sanjurjo, both practicing urologists in Puerto Rico.  They discussed the importance and benefits of establishing a urological association in Puerto Rico.  Having presided over the most important urological and the most important surgical associations in the Americas, Dr. Higgins offered his support and guidance. 

Nine months later, the newly founded PRUA held its first annual meeting with the participation of Dr. Thomas Moore, President Elect of the AUA, Dr. Harold McDonald, President of the South Eastern Section of the AUA, and Dr. Russell B. Carson, Secretary of the South Eastern Section of the AUA. Dr. Charles Higgins was also present, and was elected first honorary member of the PRUA.

For more than half a century, the PRUA has encouraged the study, improved the practice, and elevated the standards of the field of Urology in Puerto Rico.